Crystalline silicon solar cell production

What exactly is etching used for?

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1. Dephosphorylated silica glass A layer of SiO2 containing phosphorus, also known as phosphorus silica glass, is removed before etching to prevent it from affecting the subsequent process, mainly by removing the SiO2 layer with HF. which relies on the process of HF reacting with SiO2 to form complexes.SiO2+6HF→H2SiF6+2H2O Wet acid etching Because the wafer … Read More

What is the slagging and standing clarification method?

Physical method solar cell polysilicon

What is the slagging and standing clarification method?

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The slag-making static clarification method is to add a slag-making agent to keep the melt for a period of time under the condition of maintaining the refining temperature and flux coverage to make the inclusions float or sink and remove. The low melting point flux added to the metal melt combines with non-metallic inclusions at … Read More