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Silicon reduction equipment-composition of submerged arc furnace

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Silicon reduction equipment-composition of submerged arc furnace

The submerged arc furnace is composed of furnace body system, electrical system, charging system, discharge system, smoke exhaust system, cooling system, control system, power system, maintenance system and other equipment.

Silicon reduction equipment-composition of submerged arc furnace
submerged arc furnace

The furnace body system consists of furnace shell, furnace lining, furnace cover, furnace bottom, controller (non-magnetic stainless steel), hanging cylinder steel platform, control tube (stainless steel), protective sleeve (non-magnetic stainless steel), pressure ring, upper and lower cylinder brackets , Hanging, conductive simple, fixed frame, air bag bracket, polar center circle adjustment sealing device, insulating parts, holding brake, oxygen blower, furnace tamping machine, sealing device and guide wheel,

The electrical system consists of transformers, high-voltage cabinets, low-voltage cabinets, short nets, copper tiles (forging), copper pipes, copper bars, water-cooled cables, compensation water-cooled cables, electrodes, consoles, low-voltage compensation devices, inverters, insulation materials, and zinc sulfide Lightning arrester composition.

The feeding system is composed of feeding bin, feeding pipe, vibrating feeder, electrical plug-in valve, hoist, electronic truck scale, forklift, hand trolley, and belt conveyor.

The discharging system is composed of a burn-through device, a taphole baffle, a tractor, a silicon water bag, a chartered car, a rail, a silicon bag, a gantry hook and clamp, an electric double bridge crane, and a laser particle size monitor.

The smoke exhaust and dust removal system consists of a smoke hood, a chimney, a flue gas waste heat recovery device, a bag dust removal device, a cyclone dust collector, a centrifugal fan, a high-pressure electric butterfly valve, and a mobile axial fan.

The cooling system consists of a transformer cold water cooler, a furnace body cooling system, a water pump, a water filter, and a water softener.

The control system consists of a console, PLC control system, instruments, thermocouples, pressure gauges, flow meters, sensors, voltmeters, and ammeters.

The power system is composed of hydraulic system, hydraulic station, pressure and discharge cylinder, lifting cylinder, pressure ring cylinder, pneumatic system, air compressor, gas storage tank, valve pipeline, and air bag.

The maintenance system consists of DC welding machine, AC welding machine, floor type grinding wheel, grinding wheel cutting machine, oxygen cylinder, acetylene bottle, wrench, clamp, etc.

Other equipment includes jaw crusher, pulverizer, standard vibrating screen, sample mixing reduction machine, standard balance, damping analysis balance, electro-optical analysis balance, photoelectric colorimeter, spectrophotometer, electric blast drying oven, box-type resistance furnace , Arc combustion furnace, carbon-sulfur combined tester, combined test bench.

The main pollutants in the above production process are smoke, slag and noise. Silica uses carbon thermal electric melting to produce industrial silicon. The main hazards are the high concentration of carbon dioxide and smoke during the smelting process, the dust in the pouring area and the raw material system, the heavy objects being lifted by the crane, the noise of the smelting and dust removal fans, and the Dust removal equipment is used. In terms of industrial water treatment, the production water is mainly the indirect cooling water of the electric furnace transformer. During use, only the temperature rises, the water quality is not polluted, and it can be recycled. The gold cold sweep water and a small amount of workshop water contain mud The amount of sand is small and will be discharged into the sewer after the sedimentation treatment reaches the standard. In terms of waste slag treatment, the annual slag produced during the production of electric furnaces has high silicon content and can be recycled back to the furnace. Every year, workshop industrial wastes are generated, mainly waste refractory materials, which can be used for paving or as filling materials. The silica powder collected by the dust collector each year can be sold as concrete additives. In terms of noise treatment, noise in the silicon industry mainly comes from equipment such as dust removal fans and water pumps. When low-noise equipment is used, they are placed in the building separately, and doors, windows, walls, etc. are treated with sound insulation.

The purity of the reduced silicon is 98% to 99.9%, which is called metallurgical grade silicon (MG-Si). Metallurgical grade silicon, also known as industrial silicon, chemical silicon, crystalline silicon or metallic silicon, is mainly used as an additive for non-ferrous-based alloys, as an alloying agent for silicon steel, and as a deoxidizer for smelting special steel and non-ferrous-based alloys.

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